Why Soft Soled Shoes?

More about natural foot development.

Although Little Leather shoes are downright adorable, did you know that they aren’t just cutesy shoes?

Our feet are made up of a complicated system of 28 bones, interlaced with ligaments, blood vessels, nerves and muscles. The structure of your little loves feet remains soft and pliable up until they’re five years old. Whatever happens to them in these early years will set them up for life, and abnormal pressure can easily cause ongoing issues later on.

The butter soft leather in our shoes will allow your little loves feet to develop naturally. Walking barefoot or in soft soles, when required for protection, allows the arches to strengthen; it develops good posture and as your little lads and ladies learn to walk, it improves awareness of where they are in relation to the space around them, so they can keep looking up and moving forward.

Little Leather loves keeping your little ones feet happy and healthy. Share the word on natural foot development with your tribe today!

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